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Widely recommended by physiotherapists, Pilates involves strengthening the spine and mobilizing the pelvis. We focus on mobilizing and strengthening all joints. By doing so, you will even out muscle strength imbalances and eliminate pain.

Irish language Pilates Ally teaches classes in Irish and English. The class is made out of fluent Gaeilgors and beginners too.

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Enhance your functionality and boost cardio capacity, agility, speed, explosive power, co ordination. We train ability to stop/ start, ability to change direction, ability to produce and absorb force, ability to go as far into a range of motion as is necessary when moving in high intensity environments such as during sport. This class boosts all aspects of fitness.

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Chronic Pain is something we have normalized and learned to live with. But it doesn`t have to be that way. It also doesn`t need to take 6 hours of exhaustive exercise a week to maintain joint health. Come down for an assessment where we will pinpoint your specific individual imbalances and restrictions. I will then show you how to maintain joint health at home. Its so easy!

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Functional strength means you strengthen the larger muscle groups with your compound exercises - squats, deadlifts, pull ups but you also strengthen the smaller muscle groups of the hips, ankles and shoulders by challenging your movement patterns. We train weights, calisthenics, balance, proprioception, single limb, inversions and lots more.

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One to One sessions available daily. Wether that be to eliminate pain or to learn how to headstand or to better your sports performance. The Allyway uses unique techniques to better your functional fitness. Our creative and effective movements keep you interested, challenged and invested throughout.

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Learn the fundamentals of training while reducing gym anxiety. Our program is designed to make exercises less daunting and teach you how to manage injuries and pain.

With a maximum of 4 people per class and 2 sessions per week, you’ll receive personalized attention and guidance. By the end of the 8 sessions, you’ll feel much more prepared to enter regular fitness classes.

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  • Pay as you go class pass €18

  • Personal Training with Ally €60

  • Pain Relief Assessment & Home Programme €100

  • Starter Pack Membership €195 (Initial Assessment and Goal Setting Session upon joining. Unlimited classes including Pilates + Weekly check-ins + 2 Guest Passes + Priority Booking)

  • Gold Membership €170 (Unlimited classes including Pilates + Priority Booking)

(5 classes per week working out at €8 / 3 classes per week working out at €13 per class)

  • Silver Membership € 150 (2 classes per week including Pilates + Priority Booking)

(2 classed per week works out at €17 per class)

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