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Promoting wellness in the workplace

Pilates and functional training have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. It focuses on improving strength, flexibility, and coordination for everyday movements, rather than just building muscle mass. After five years offering classes in Naas, The Allyway Fitness Centre is now offering it to corporates.

With long hours spent sitting at a desk or in meetings, employees often experience back pain, poor posture, and lack of energy. By offering personalised training to corporates, the gym aims to combat these issues and promote overall wellness in the workplace.

Ally Doyle is a certified trainers that can work with employees of all fitness levels to create customised workouts that cater to their individual needs.

Ally is a pilates reference for her high intensity and at the same time fun classes, she is also known for her popular Pre & Post Natal Programme that have already helped many women.

Incorporating body exercise into the workplace offers numerous benefits. Exercise can improve physical health, boost energy levels, and reduce stress and anxiety, creating a more balanced and productive work environment, leading to improved job satisfaction and overall wellbeing.

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